Robotics R us

Our Question

How do we manage Robotic Automation and the future of the Human Workforce and Society? 

This question was proposed to us by Tony Lazzaro Class of 1975 who is a Senior Medical Scientist / Software Engineer

What does this mean?

It is the ability for a robot to complete ordinary human tasks 

What is the problem?

Robots are taking away simple jobs that could sustain a person’s need for money

What is causing the problem? 

Robots are causing the problem as they are replacing the jobs of people 

Why do we need to solve this problem? 

People will lose jobs because of this. While some jobs will be crested, these jobs will require specific skills and there won’t be as many roles for even the 27 million people in Australia to fill 

Robots that can do things such as working in the banks and assist in the diagnostic of patients alongside doctors and nurses. 

What is our solution?

We decided that since there are no laws about how many robots you can legally implement into a certain workforce

Idea 1- Restrictions on the amount of robots you can make 

How will we create a solution? 

  • To create a solution, we must find out number of workers that are in jeopardy, of losing their job, as the robots may take their job away. According to a study conducted in the us it was predicted by 2030, more than 1.5 million jobs would have been lost to robots in the united states alone. 

what is our solution? 

  • Our solution would be to limit the amount the robots being produced and put the humans first as they are much less likely to malfunction only allow robots to do jobs that are just a burden to other human workers  

How will it work? 

  • For this to work there would have to be a proposal put to the government about a law that would limit the number of robots made 

Why will it work? 

  • By putting a cap on how many robots can be produced it allows people to be confident there jobs may not be taken in the future. It will work because robots will not be able to manufacturing jobs as there will not be enough robots to take the job. 

How can you test this solution? 

  • We can test by testing  

Can we re-design and make it better? 

  • no