Legal Responsibilities

What are the Legal Responsibilities of Social Networks and Platforms?

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  • What is causing the problem? 
  • Users posting inappropriate content on social networking platforms. If the social media platforms allow it to be posted and don’t remove the content they are also the problem as they didn’t set restrictions. 
  • Why do we need to solve it?
  • If the issue is not solved than underaged viewers may be exposed to inappropriate content and may be scarred and or triggered. So in order to solve the issue we need to set restrictions against inappropriate content that may be exposed to younger audiences. 


  • Have others tried to solve it? How?
  • Platforms have given certain post trigger warnings for inappropriate content so it warns the viewers but it doesn’t stop them from seeing it. Its still mostly up to the users in what they post and if they follow or break the guidelines. 
  • How is this solved in different countries? 
  • Platforms such as Instagram place restrictions on content warning users that content may be inappropriate but not 
  • North Korea have banned social media 

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  • Can we combine or improve existing solutions?
  • We can improve the solutions by social media platforms being more forceful in shutting down inappropriate content. Social Media sites need to monitor content so they can immediately shut down posts/live streams that could be mean or could harm someone.  


What is the State of Legal Laws In this Field? 

  • The laws in this field are lagging behind compared to what is actually occurring today. 
  •  There has been many examples of live streams where people are sharing and posting inappropriate content. These live streams or inappropriate posts should be shut down but also shouldn’t be started as these users agree to the terms and conditions of the Platform. 
  • The Australian Competition and Consumer Council (ACCC) has issued guidelines for the use of social media which include: 
  • Do not make false or misleading statements.  And do not allow others to make false or misleading statements.  You can be held responsible for posts or public comments made by others on your social media pages which are false or likely to mislead consumers. 
  • Remove negative comments about competitors if misleading or deceptive.   While you can respond to negative comments, in most cases the safest policy is to remove offensive content. 
  • Monitor your social network sites regularly. The amount of time you spend monitoring should be commensurate to the size of your company and the number of “fans” or “followers” on your s
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 What are the key words?  

  • Legal responsibilities 
  • Social Networking platforms 


What exactly needs to be solved? ·  

  • The legal responsibilities of social networking platforms to produce a safe social media platform. 


Is it the networks issue or the users? 

  • It is mainly the users fault because they upload the illegal post.

The network do as much as they can because users agree to the network’s terms and condition. 


What needs to be changed?  

  • The inappropriate content that is exposed on platforms produced by users and not prevented by platform producers. 

How does this problem affect people in the community? ·  

  • It effects the viewers/watchers as they are the ones watching the inappropriate content and may be scared/traumatized if the content goes viral. 

What is the context? 

  • Under the circumstances of the terms and conditions and it’s extent many would agree that they don’t particularly read it which makes it easy for companies to skip many rules that may either hurt or scar users which is what is happening currently on these platforms. 


What are the different components of this problem? · 

  • That the platforms are not taking the content down immediately 
  • The viewers are not controlling what they post and minding out for younger ages 
  • Legal Responsibilities of Social Media Platforms 


Explaining the Problem

The problem is that people post inappropriate content on social media platforms, leading to other people seeing this content, with the risk of people getting serious mental health/ depression issues.  

  • Users post inappropriate content  
  • Social Media Platforms don’t trace posts and can’t find inappropriate content 
  • Social Media Platforms release Terms and Conditions and when a user agrees to these T & C’s, they have the responsibility to use this network responsibly and appropriately. 

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Creating a solution phase:  

  •  An approval by platforms while scanning content.
  • When buying a computer there is restrictions for how old you are. 
  • How will you create a solution? 
  • By creating sensors ship/key words that computers detect when users post content 
  • What is your solution? 
  •  Our solution is creating AI that detect inappropriate words when users are posting on these platforms. This can reject these post to avoid inappropriate texts that may harm people.
  • How can this be tested?
  •  Putting it into action against other platforms and their use of innapropriate content.
  • Can you re-design and make it better?
  •  We can adjust it based on feedback and the demand of this product.  It can be changed and can be made better. If more is in demand, then adjustments can be made based on the demand of the product so it can cope with more scanning. We can redesign it to be a faster model that can track down inappropriate content.  
  • A social media platform cannot become one without this problem of inappropriate language/actions being solved. This is a big problem in Today’s world and this sensor is important as more people are using social media platforms today.
 You can say what you want but their can be consequences.
My iPhone Home Screen – The Nerdy StudentOur Solution: Our Solution is to create a sensor that detects inappropriate content on social media platforms. This sensor will detect bad or inappropriate words or language and this sensor will immediately reject the post or live stream. These posts can be hurtful so this addition can be influential in limiting mental health problems such as depression and suicide.