Providing Help: Domestic Violence Part 3

Women can call for help when experiencing domestic violence through trying to tell their friends or family about what they are going through, why it is happened and when it has occurred, whether regularly or not. I feel as if a woman who is experiencing Domestic Violence can be helped by police being more interactive with communities so that they are more likely to hear about things like this. They will be able to share a better relationship with people in the community and members of the community will feel more easy to tell them about Domestic Violence among their lives. If a woman facing domestic violence approaches a police officer about what is going on, they may feel scared about their partner finding out and hurting them. This is why police should put women facing domestic violence under protection from others, similar to protective custody. 

Now, yes this is not an easy task as around 80% of women living in and facing a domestic violence situation would be scared to come and speak up about what is going on which refers to how if the community works together and gains a relationship with one another, then the community as a whole would be able to tackle problems like this with less of a challenge.

The scarf above represents domestic violence towards women. Now, you may ask… why a scarf? The scarf is hoped to both wrap you in the warmth of the scarf as well as wrapping yourself in courage to stop domestic violence in women. Purple represents courage in individuals as well as survival and honor amongst women facing domestic violence.