Providing Help: Domestic Violence Part 1

I believe that mobile phones are bad because a person who is victim to domestic violence can have their phone taken away from them or broken by the violent aggressive partner so they need other options. An item such as a switch throughout the house that a partner may not know about could be useful to a woman facing domestic violence. If a woman has experienced domestic violence in the past, she could go to a store and buy a switch that she can put in her home for her to use and so when she uses it, it would send a ping to a big network which tells police about the location. The switch is to be used when a woman or man is facing domestic violence and has experienced it around that time. This would allow police to have a chance to catch a person inflicting domestic violence to a partner etc. and give a chance to a woman experiencing domestic violence a chance to speak up about her life and what has been happening. Some statistics show how Domestic Violence leads to over 30,000 deaths worldwide all year. 1 in 6 women and 1 in 16 men in Australia have experienced domestic violence throughout their lives. From 2016-2017, 17 adults were hospitalized from domestic violence from a current or ex partner. This refers to how our switch can change thousands of lives. It can save thousands of people and give them an opportunity to change their lives for the better in a domestic violence situation.

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