Criminal rules

What do you think the minimum age of responsibility should be in terms of juvenile offending and which criminal rules would you change?

Outline and Define

Currently the age of criminal responsibility in Western Australia in 10 year old. This means that no child below the age of 10 can be put into a prison because they do not have the mental responsibility to know that they crime a committed.

A Juvenile is any person who is yet to reach the age of an adult which in Australia is 18 years old. Juvenile responsibility refers to a person’s ability to understand his or her actions at the time a crime is committed.

 Criminal rules Criminal law, as distinguished from civil law, is a system of laws concerned with punishment of individuals who commit crimes.


The Problem

The problem is caused by a range of factors, including juveniles’ lack of maturity, the natural tendency to take risks and susceptibility to peer influence, as well as intellectual disability, mental illness and victimisation and family environment increase juveniles’ risks of contact with the criminal justice system.

We need to solve the issue so that people are given proper penalties and people think again about doing these sorts of crimes. This will hopefully improve behaviour in the community and for individuals futures. 

Currently there are many services working on this issue of young teens in juvenile prison in Perth such as Central Metro Youth Justice Services and South-East Metro Youth Justice Services who is responsible for the safety, security and rehabilitation of young people in custody and those engaged with our services in the community. Their core objective is to reduce reoffending among young people through Programs and services to divert young people away from the criminal justice system, programs and services for young people on orders in the community and programs and services in custody.

Juvenile offending cases

Summer Clarke death: WA teen charged with manslaughter over fatal 'car surfing' tragedy

Summer Clarke, 15, was seriously injured after she dropped from the top of the car boot with her 17 year old friend driving on a road in Pinjarra just before 1:30 a.m. and hit her head.  Before being rushed to the Royal Perth Hospital in  critical condition, Summer was treated by paramedics at the scene.  She died in the hospital  after days in intensive care. The 17 year old driver has since been  charged with manslaughter by WA Police.
Due to the age of the 17 year old driver she will be due to appear in the Mandurah Children’s Court on December 14. The childrens court deals with offences alleged to have been committed by young people aged 10 to 17 years. It is argued that because of the seriousness of the case the 17 year old should be taken to the district or even supreme court. If this 17 year old was to go to a detention center she would go as a juvenile offender because she is within the ages of 10 and 18.